Comparing Tire Prices

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When comparing tire prices online, here are a couple things that can be easy to overlook:


The "Out the Door Price" in our cart includes installation at one of our stores, lifetime balancing, and disposal fees for your old tires. Many online retailers don't offer these services, requiring a separate transaction with a 3rd party installer.


Most online only retailers pass the expense of shipping heavy tires on to you. This can make a dramatic difference between the advertised price and what you end up paying.

Free Prorated Road Hazard Protection
FREE Prorated Road Hazard Protection

We offer prorated replacement of tires damaged by normal road hazards for free. The prorata rate is based on remaining tread life.

Free Lifetime Rotations
FREE Lifetime Rotations

Regular rotations ensure the longest treadlife from your tires. We'll do them for free for the life of your tires.